Available Dogs & Puppies

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Available Dogs & Puppies

Pine Mountain Sadie was breed to Fire Light Seth March 8th 2017.   Sadie delievered 6 beautiful pup on May 7, 3 Males and 3 Females.    There is currently 2 spots avalible for this litter both for males.  All 3 males have face/head patches and will turn out to be either blue or tri colored.  If you are interested please contact me for more information.  Both Sadie and Seth are seasoned grouse dogs and have proven their selves in the grouse coverts up north and here in the Appalachine Mountains.  Please check out the hunting pic section for pictures of them both in the coverts.  God Bless

Male #2....5 weeks old.

Male #1....5 weeks old.

Male #3....5 weeks old

Female #1....2 weeks old.

Female #2....2 weeks old

Female #3.....2 Weeks old