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Pine Mountain Setters Hunting Photos


This is a collection of hunting photos from Pine Mountain Setters and Setters that have passed on.  These photos were taken in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and in the Northwoods.  ***Click on picture for larger image***



Patches pointing a grouse in the Northwoods. 2012

Pine Mountain Piper on point in the Northwoods from a prior litter. She is an unbelievable grouse dog. A bird finding machine! 2012

Pine Mountain Piper on another point in the Northwoods one of MANY she produced while up north this year. 2012

Patches on Point in the Northwoods. 2012

Patches with another grouse locked down up North. 2012

A mixed bag after a day’s hunt behind some beautiful and talented setters. 2012

Results of an evening hunt in the Northwoods. 2012

October Stonewall Pine on point in the Dakotas

A couple of grouse we managed to bag over many points that day (our best day actually) with some terrible shooting provided by yours truly! 2012

Mother (Patches) and Daughter (Piper) after a mid-day hunt. 2012

Patches on point in the northwoods. 2009

Patches at 1 year old locked on a grouse in the Appalachian Mountains on an old strip bench. 2006

Rambo passed in 2009 one of the greats on point!

Rambo a sire for one of our litters...he was truly one of the great with more grouse pointed and shot over him then I can even start to remember! Passed in 2009

Pine Mountain Piper pointing a woodcock up north. 2012

Patches pointing a grouse in Wisconsin at 2 yrs old. 2007

The results of a morning hunt behind Patches in Wisconsin. 2007

After another morning hunt up north. 2007

Emma a in the northwoods she is one of my prior females a beautiful Ryman / Hemlock style setter

Prior Pine Mountain puppy in training Pine Mountain Colby

Prior Pine Mountain puppy in training Pine Mountain Colby

Patches with a VA grouse...2008

Pine Mountains Gracie in training

Patching on point in the moutains 2013

Patches pointing in a clear cut 2013

Seth retrieving a grouse

Seth Pointing in a thick clear cut

Patches pin pointing a grouse 2013

Patches pointing a grouse 2014