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Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

Our setters and the parents of our puppies are in excellent health and are OFA Certified.  We will guarantee that your puppy will be healthy when leaving to their new homes.  The owners have 3 days from the date of purchase to have their own vet examine the puppy if they chose.  If there vet finds the puppy unfit the owner can return the puppy and will be given another puppy from the next avalible litter.  Documentation from the vet must be sent for my vet to review prior to the return and receiving another puppy  (This excludes any injury the pup may incur while with their new owner).


Hip Guarantee

Your pup is guaranteed to be free of hip dysplasia to an age of 25 months.   But the following must have not occurred for the Guarantee to be honored:

  •  The pup cannot have been sold or placed in another home.  The pup must be with the original owner.
  •  The pup must be registered with  Pine Mountain affixed in front of his/her registered name
  • Must not have whelped or sired a litter of puppie.
  • The following steps must be completed and followed. 


If your pup is suspected of having hip dysplasia you must do the following steps:

  • I must be contact via phone.
  • Your pup must have been x-rayed by your vet and those x-rays sent to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for their evaluation.
  • I must then receive a copy of the report from OFA along with a letter / report from your vet that checked the dog stating their findings for my vet to review.
  • The OFA report must show your dog’s hips as Mild, Moderate or severe hip dysplasia.  Excellent, Good, and Fair ratings are within normal limits per OFA regulations.  Any dog with the rating of Excellent, Good or Fair this guarantee will not be honored or the pup replaced.
  • If the dog has been found to have hip dysplasia due to lack of nutrition, care, or injury this guarantee will not be honored.


If your pup is found to have hip dysplasia we will replace the pup out of the first available litter that has a pup available ONLY with writen proof from the owners vet showing the dog has been spayed or neutered.  Then arrangemens will be set in place for the owner to recieve another pup. ***Pine Mountain Setters is not responsible in any way for the cost of spaying or neutering of the owners dog***


 ***NOTE Pine Mountain Setters will not be responsible for or liable for any costs incurred for any treatment on the puppy purchased from us during the life of the dog under any circumstances or conditions.  Pine Mountain Setters will not assist or pay for any vet expenses including  genetic defects except if it has been agreed upon and put in writing.***